Your goal is to blow bubbles by launching the balls.

You will face different obstacles on your way starting from simple walls and continuing with massive black holes. Use the best of your brains to get it through.

Reveal all secrets and find the perfect path in 50 unique levels.

Have fun in Arcade mode. Find out its drive and free nature!

Classic mode

Fifty unique levels are waiting for you in the Classic mode. Each level comes with its own secrets and features. Create your path through all the obstacles and discover the great secrets. Use different ball types to solve puzzles. Break through the gravity and push through the flying fragments. Learn how to create a perfect path. Destroy all the bubbles and get valuable rewards.

Arcade mode

You might want just to have a little bit of fun with the game. Arcade mode is designed especially for that purpose. Launch it and find out its drive and free nature. You may come up with your own tactic or just blow up the bubbles on your way. Use surroundings and perform perfect combos to achieve the best performance. Be careful with red bubbles and don’t forget about bonus bubbles. Gain the maximum score and become a worldwide leader.

Achievements and rating

Neighbour 1,100 SCR.
Colleague 1,050 SCR.
Girlfriend 700 SCR.
You 200 SCR.

Get rewards for playing. You will be meeting it on every your step. Get through the trials, complete different tasks and earn your personal achievements. Invite your friends and compete with them and millions of other players for the top place in the world-wide rating.

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The game is available for all devices, running iOS 8.0 or newer